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Hello there!!(◕‿◕✿)

Selena Kermon /Buta/Taken/Pansexual/♌/August 3rd/♥Brandon♥

Likes: Homestuck / Marina & The Diamonds / Roosterteeth / Achievement Hunter / PAWSG / Coldplay / Gorillaz / Mystery Skulls / Vocaloid / Imagine Dragons / Scott Pilgrim / Five Nights at Freddy's

Hobbies: Animating / Gaming / Reading / Writing / Music

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers Love yoou, Brandon!


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Donate if you want to! I don't absolutely need it! But if you'd like me to continue doing art then tell me! Also, give me suggestions on point commission prices, I'm new so I don't know if they're too much!!!
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Should I start making pixel icons? 

8 deviants said Yes!
8 deviants said Maybe. If you feel like it.
1 deviant said Who are you
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FNAF 3????

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 3:19 PM

Okay, honestly, in my opinion, these are coming out waaaaaaay too quick!!  Ugh, it makes me a little mad, because I wish he would maybe take more time and make them better somehow????  I dunno, it's just, I love FNAF 2, yes it was great, but the jumpscares were kind of eh, and the jumpscare sounds were preeeetty eh.  Yes, the game was amazing, but in my opinion FNAF 1 had the best jumpscare sounds, and possibly best jumpscares!  From the video, if that's the sound he is using for FNAF 3 then that's kind of eeh.  But, I cannot do anything about it.  It's just starting to lose my interest on how everything is coming out so quickly, yes it's good he isn't waiting a LOOOONG time!! Then again, for me it's too soon, but I'll find out how this game turns out when it comes out.

Watch the video here- 
Sorry, I could only find a reaction video.


Headshot/ Torso and up
T1M3 TO K1CK 4SS by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
OBEY by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Kanaya for Mako by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Roxyqt by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Eyeless Jack SPEEDPAINT by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
It can be just head, or waist up.  You name it!
God Tier Commissions
Stacey the Rogue of Light! by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Rogue of Life by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
OBEY by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
PC: Xecoff the Mage of Rage! by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
PC: Silvia the Thief of Blood! by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
God Tier commissions! It can be canon or your characters!!
If you want a specific background, then link me to the picture! Also if you want something wrote on it, tell me that too!  Give me specifics! ;v;
Two people in any sort of pose
Cuties!! by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
LINELESS ART DAVENEP by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Commission for Rachel! by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Bloody Selena and Slender:Lucky Star(re-do) by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
MadiXJeff Request by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Maybe full body, if it isn't too complex, just ask.  It can ALSO be lineless art if you want!!
3/4 People
[NEW] BETA KIDS DRAWING by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
ALPHA kids by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
BETA kids by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Request : Slendy , Creepy , and Bloody Selena by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Request: PEWDIEPIE,CRY,MARZIA and Gemi!!! :D by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
It could be 3 or 4 people, nothing higher.  Could be full body or just really anything.
Can have detailed background!! (Not TOO detailed!!)  Or could just be color stripes, any color you want, if so, please tell me which colors for each character!
GAME OVER: KANAYA by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
GAME OVER: GAMZEE GIF by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
GAME OVER: TEREZI GIF by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
GAME OVER: KARKAT GIF by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Bloody Selena Icon by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Bloody Selena Icon GIF by Buta-Rockin-Erywhere
Ok!  So, it isn't going to be complicated at all.  Just tell me what you want to move and I can try my best to do it!!  I'm new at this but people tell me these were amazing?

nothing too complicated pleease!! ; o ;

also!!! it can be an icon!! if you prefer a base to use, then let me know!


Buta-Rockin-Erywhere's Profile Picture
Selena Kermon
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello! My name is Selena, and as you might have noticed, I like a lot of things! I draw a lot, but don't upload a lot because I usually forget. Plus, I haven't been finishing most of my art, it usually ends in a sketch. I'm sorry! But I still upload old art or other art that I draw! I have been drawing a lot and do not worry, I will upload a lot soon! Plus, I have premium membership for 3 months, so I'll probably upload a lot more (Since I think you can upload multiple things at once.) Plus I've been wanting to get into pixels and such!
I hope you all enjoy my art, more is on the way! Enjoy!
Have a good day everyone!~

Mavin Stamp for #Mavin-For-the-win by ebazii KatNep Stamp by ThePrincessOfChaos DaveJohn stamp by OwlThePink KatNep Pixel by mariskywalker Mambostuck Eridan by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Karkat by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Nepeta by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Kanaya by SkaianAngel Mambostuck John by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Equius by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Tavros by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Dave by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Gamzee by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Terezi by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Vriska by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Feferi by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Aradia by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Sollux by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Rose by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Jade by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Alpha Kids by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Beta Guardians by SkaianAngel Mambostuck Lord English by SkaianAngel Mambostuck The Midnight Crew and Snowman by SkaianAngel Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Eridumb Stamp by Foundreve Why I love Homestuck by nightraven010 Homestuck Stamp by Demon-Dolphin I love Homestuck by LadyQuintessence


Feb 28, 2015
1:08 pm
Feb 28, 2015
3:21 am
Feb 27, 2015
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Feb 26, 2015
10:09 am
Feb 22, 2015
8:04 am

To Do List

You can do it!

1. Drawings for your friends (Which is a lot.)
2. Drawings for yourself, make yourself happy with your art!
3. Commissions or anything that come up!
4. Those animations you never finished!
5. Icons for yourself and maybe some for your friends?

Goals also.
Stay happy!
Don't let anything get you down/ make you upset.
You're getting out of there soon and you'll be in a house with your grandparents, and only them! Like it used to be.
Stay strong! ♥


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